VCAT ODR Pilot Team

VCAT ODR Pilot Team

VCAT ODR Pilot Team

VCAT Online Dispute Resolution Pilot – a case study

Using human-centred design principles to improve access to justice.

Community expectations have changed as a result of the digital revolution.

Today, people expect to be able to conduct all aspects of their personal and business lives ‘online’, including the way in which they resolve disputes. At the same time, the community expects services to be designed, developed and delivered with a ‘human-first’ mindset, ideally with the opportunity to collaborate and co-design solutions that meet their needs.

In 2016, the Access to Justice Review recommended that VCAT explore ways to improve Victorians’ access to justice through online dispute resolution.

Taking direction and inspiration from new community expectations and modern project design methods, VCAT combined human-centred design principles with agile and Lean Six Sigma frameworks to plan and run an online dispute resolution pilot within its small civil claims list.

Watch the VCAT ODR Pilot overview video.

This session will be co-chaired by Ian B Lulham, Deputy President and Director, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Carolyn McSporran, Principal Registrar, VCAT.